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In 1980, Skip Carney rented some space and started a business… a recording studio/advertising agency. He has been taking care of brands ever since. “Every day is a new day at Carney & Company,” he says. “Each day brings new challenges and new opportunities. We get to work with some really great, smart folks who are working to improve the lives of the people they serve.”

We live to serve is the company philosophy, and Skip believes that starts within the company and extends to the community and to clients. “Our job is to make our clients’ jobs easier, to solve their marketing problems and to help them communicate more effectively. All the while, we work hard to make our community better and stronger.”

Skip likes to quote Peter Drucker, who said, “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation,” and Jesus, who said, “You are the light of the world,” and Billy Graham, who said, “I believe one of the next great moves of God is going to be through the believers in the workplace.”

Carney says, “I see every reason in the world why businesses should adopt Christian principles and why churches should adopt business principles. Churches must innovate and market or they will become irrelevant. Businesses must minister to their employees and customers, using Christian principles, particularly the Golden Rule, as guideposts.”

Meet Skip Carney


Skip completed his first book The Greatest Church in the World in October 2018. In the book, he tells the story of a church and a community so intertwined it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. The result is a vibrant, thriving church and a tight-knit community that truly cares for its members …




93% of CEOs rank Innovation as a top priority but only 7% say they actually achieve it in their businesses. Skip Carney helps organizations find and implement innovation. Through ReVision™, Carney leads senior management through an exercise of exploration and discovery. The result is revelation, direction and alignment that yields a strategic plan that is innovation-centered, which also makes it customer-centered.

Marketing Specialist

Skip Carney has been taking care of brands since 1980. He has worked with hundreds of companies… regional, national, and international companies… to innovate their marketing and build their brand. He speaks nationally on Marketing Innovation, leadership and creative problem solving.




I’ve always found Skip to be great at assessing and analyzing the situation, working with stakeholders to discuss the issues and elicit various viewpoints, and provide reasoned, appropriate counsel and recommendations. He has a strong understanding and command of business-to-business marketing issues. Always ready to help, Skip also always follows through. Every time.

Galen De Young, Managing Director at Proteus B2B

If you ever need a great idea, call Skip, I guarantee he’ll have one. Skip is a genius at creative marketing and business strategy and executing that strategy to move business’ forward.  He is passionate and focused about his work and life and his positive energy and sense of humor are nothing less than contagious.

Cher Street, Marketing & Communications Professional

Skip Carney is energetic, passionate, smart, fun and efficient. He’s a big thinker and great implementer with his clients’ bottom line and best interest in mind every step of the way. Skip’s dedication and experience make him a leader that is known for providing marketing communication plans that measurably improve client ROI.

Kelly Deal

I have worked with a lot of agencies from New York, Chicago, Charlotte, Richmond, and Washington,DC and I have never been this satisfied, if not blown away, by the creative aspects of the work as well as the spot on fit with our vision. It’s exciting!

Judy Rollins, Vice President of Enrollment Services and Marketing, NC Wesleyan College

Skip is a true forward thinker who is focused on creating the best brand experience for any company’s customers. Dedicated to his clients and work, Skip takes every project with the end goal in mind, increasing their ROI. A true marketing genius!

Kevin Cale, Executive Creative Director and Strategist

The Greatest Church in the World

In The Greatest Church in the World, Skip Carney takes a complex subject and simplifies the message. Skip brings some clarity and direction to people who want more for and from their church.

This is a modern parable of a young pastor who has failed at two churches. Three hundred and forty seven miles from home and trying to decide what to do next, he turns in to a small town where he meets a pastor and a community that change his perspective on church success. There he learns the principles that can make any church The Greatest Church in the World. Learn More


What Readers Are Saying

I also appreciate the subtle message that a healthy church has followers of Jesus that have shifted from being “consumers” to servants, actively serving in their community. A must read for anyone interested in transforming their church.

Robert Ferguson

This little book provides inspiration for any congregation laying plans for a new year of ministry and spiritual renewal. Some will find in it affirmation for what they are already doing; others may find it a game changer.

Ann Sherwin

Using a fascinating story line Skip Carney reaches into the heart of our church experience and paints a beautiful picture. A picture which reveals a true church in that everyone is engaged and excited to be a member. Everyone shares an enthusiasm and love for their church that is so compelling. This church is truly a lamp on a hill.

Robert Beaman

Skip takes a basic but pointed approach to what is plaguing the modern church. A litany of programs and groups define what makes a church these days. This book cuts through all that and dives into exactly what makes a church look like a reflection of Jesus in this world. A must read for anyone looking to help define the Christian walk and striving with the help of the Spirit to be more Christlike.

Ryan Davis


To contact or book Skip Carney, call 252.451.0060 or click button below.



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